“Cash for Keys” this is something that is becoming pretty popular now days. I am of course all for it, because I feel that this will help to preserve the condition of the home once the occupants move from the home. Simply put, it is giving tenants and displaced homeowners a set amount of money in order for them to give up the keys to a property. Now, of course the locks are going to be changed. The only reason for giving cash for the keys is an incentive for them leaving the home in broom sweep condition. Broom sweep condition means the home must be free of interior and exterior trash, debris or damage. All personal belongings must be removed. This idea is not new to me. I have owned property before, and I was always thinking of ideas to keep the tenant from destroying my property. I suggested this idea to an agent who was having problems getting the tenants to allow the property to be shown. He thought it was a unique idea to offer the tenants money for them keeping the home clean and making it accessible for showings. I had one tenant to show me around his well kept home, and he even pointed our various features and aspects of the home that I never would have known otherwise. I am all for being fair and considerate of the one that is being displaced.